Blue Sapphire

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Blue Sapphire: An Eternal Elegance

One of the most iconic and beautiful gemstones in existence, the blue sapphire stone, also known as the “Neelam” stone in Hindi, has astronomical importance in the fields of astrology, spiritualism, and everyday life. The inclusion of chromium, vanadium, magnesium, and titanium gives blue sapphire, one of the most well-known varieties of corundum rocks, its rich blue colors. The blue sapphire stands as a symbol of radiant eternal beauty and deep meaning. Its stunning blue has captured hearts for centuries, making it the preferred choice for engagement rings, wedding bands, couples rings, custom pieces and even anniversary gifts.


Blue sapphire is a beautiful symbol of honesty, integrity and commitment and serves as the best choice for a proposal ring. Its deep blue color represents the depth of emotions shared by two individuals, perfectly confining the promise of a lasting love story. As vows are exchanged and two lives form one another, the choice of an engagement ring is a witness to the couple’s unique bond. Blue sapphire wedding rings not only add beauty but also signify the unwavering confidence and loyalty of the couple. Blue sapphire customized rings represent individuality and style. Created with precise attention to detail, customized rings could be inspired with blue sapphire in a variety of styles from classic to modern, matching the wearer’s taste and impeccable personality. A blue sapphire ring holds deep significance for a couple, representing enduring love and shared experiences as time passes and milestones are achieved. Whether it is an anniversary gift or an expression of love, a blue sapphire ring represents the journey and adventure ahead for the couple.


Since ancient times, blue sapphires have been admired for their color. It was initially mined in India because people there thought it would defend off bad luck and demons. Roman generals in antiquity wore lapis, which was awarded to them as a symbol of their position. Additionally, blue sapphire jewelry has been used as a decoration during rituals like weddings and funerals since it was thought that wearing it would bring the wearer luck.

Quality and Durability

The earth's crust naturally forms the stone in sheets or layers. It is one of the hardest stones that is currently known to exist, scoring a 9 on the Mohs scale. According to their location, genuine blue sapphire stones are found in a variety of sizes and are clear to translucent crystals with a light blue color.


The worth of blue sapphires and their high pricing are not the only things that set them apart from other stones, despite their rarity. Added significance are the stone's beauty and history, especially in light of the fact that monarchy has always admired and cherished it.