Yellow Sapphire

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Yellow Sapphire: The Gem of Jupiter

A bright and cheery gemstone that enlivens any item of jewelry is the yellow sapphire which is also known as “Pushkaraj”. It is a valuable yellow gemstone formed of the mineral corundum and is valued for its exquisite tone. In Hindu Shastra, the planet Jupiter (Brihaspati), known as Guru, the source of wisdom and understanding, has a connection to the yellow sapphire stone. One of the most potent and advantageous gemstones among all gemstones, yellow sapphire symbolizes bravery and knowledge. If worn appropriately, it could bring fame, money, health, and prosperity into the life. Yellow Sapphire could be the best option for those people with zodiac sign Pisces (Meen Rashi) or Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi). Yellow sapphire customized rings are the most popular rings nowadays.


Yellow sapphire, sometimes known as Pushkaraj, is a cool gem that is typically light yellow in hue. According to Hindu Shastra, the auspicious day to wear yellow sapphire is on Thursday and it should be worn with gold or silver. Yellow sapphire eases tension in the mind. It significantly affects how the body, mind, and health grow. It energizes people, making them deserving of reaching their objectives. The intensity of a person's commitment grows. A yellow sapphire ring is an elegant and heartfelt way to show someone special how much you care. Any relationship will be brightened and made happier by this gemstone's vivid golden color whether it is given as a yellow sapphire engagement ring, wedding ring, or anniversary gift.


The old mines in Sri Lanka are where yellow sapphire first appeared. The igneous rocks, which included traces of iron, and alluvial deposits are where the gemstones were discovered. Due to their stunning color and clarity, these jewels have been adored by numerous cultures for thousands of years.

Quality and Durability

Moh's scale gives Yellow Sapphire a hardness rating of 9, which is very durable and stable. Due to its quality, it is a very popular gemstone and a fantastic option for engagement rings and other daily wearable jewelry. For its brilliance and toughness, yellow sapphire is still in high demand. Over time, jewelry designers all over the world have used this precious stone to produce exquisite works of art, increasing its appeal.


The extraordinary gemstone known as the yellow sapphire has a strong energy core. It is enduring and resilient because of its hardness. Anyone seeking for a lovely and sentimental gemstone that will endure over time can consider a yellow sapphire as a great option. This gemstone is the ideal complement to any jewelry collection or special occasion present such as engagement ring couple ring, anniversary gift or even a yellow sapphire customized ring because to its vivid color, sturdy construction, and spiritual significance.