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Mali Garnet: Enduring your Love and Affection

Mali Garnet, also known as “Grandite” is a captivating gemstone which is renowned for its brilliant colorings and incredible durability. Mali Garnet belongs to the family of Grossular Garnet which is recognized for its huge range of colors. Its unique colors and incredible durability have made it a favorite for a variety of jewelry including proposal rings, wedding rings, couple rings, customized rings and anniversary gifts.


The versatility of Mali garnets knows no bounds, making them a popular choice for a variety of ornamental pieces. Proposal rings ornamented with Mali garnet gemstones symbolize love and devotion, while their vibrant colors reflect the intense emotions of couples shared with each other. These gemstones also make a beautiful way to be used in wedding rings, symbolizing eternal love and unity. Mali Garnets are also famous to be used to create beautiful couple rings as these gemstones are believed to have the ability to express the love and togetherness in a brilliant way, while custom designed/ customized rings allow individuals to incorporate their unique style and personality into their jewelry. Besides Mali Garnet is an unforgettable anniversary gift, because their warm voices symbolize enduring love and devotion.


The history of Mali Garnet is intertwined with the rich traditional decoration of Malian people. Discovered in the 1990s, it immediately captured the hearts of gem enthusiasts around the world. Its vibrant green shades of yellow and blue create a striking complexion that makes it popular in jewelry design. Mali Garnet’s unique origin story and stunning color complexion make it the gemstone of choice for those looking for something unique.

Quality and Durability

Mali garnets are said to be valuable because of their unique characteristics. Mali Garnets with vivid and well saturated colors are much in demand, especially those that exhibit beautiful yellowish green and brown hues. Mali Garnet is known for its uniqueness and hardness. On the Mohs scale, Mali Garnet has a hardness of 7 to 7.5, making it suitable for everyday wear in a variety of jewelry including proposals and wedding rings. Its exceptional clarity and luster make it attractive to those seeking gemstones which can withstand for the long period of time.


Mali Garnet which is also known as “Grandite” is an excellent gem with an interesting history. In summary, Mali Garnet is a gemstone with a rich history, unique characteristics and enduring appeal. Its versatility in proposal rings, engagement rings, couple rings, customized rings, and anniversary gifts makes it a favorite choice for couples and individuals. Through a unique combination of green and yellow, the Mali Garnet symbolizes maturity, commitment and enduring love. Its incredible sharing ensures that it will continue to shine as a testament to love and devotion for generations to come. Whether decorating an engagement ring, wedding ring, engagement ring, customized accessory, or presented as an anniversary gift, the Mali garnet will surely add value of beauty and significance to the heart of the ornament and will remain as a symbol of love and affection.