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Pink Tourmaline: A Gemstone of Love and Beauty

Pink tourmaline, commonly referred to as the “Gem of love”, is an exotic gemstone known for its soft, pink hue. This gemstone belongs to the tourmaline family, which includes a variety of colors, but the pink variety is particularly popular for its romantic appeal. Its rich color as well as remarkable properties make it a popular choice for various types of jewelry including proposal rings, engagement rings, couple rings, customized rings and anniversary gifts.


The versatility of pink tourmaline has no limits. Its soft blush tones make it the perfect choice for a proposal ring, which symbolizes love and devotion. As an engagement ring, it symbolizes the sweet love of the couple and serves as a constant reminder of their union. Pink tourmaline is also ideal for couple rings, signifying a special bond between partners. Pink Tourmaline’s ability to craft into customized rings allows for its own research, providing timeless sensory benefits. In addition, pink tourmaline as an anniversary gift brings extra joy and romance, making it a desirable symbol of everlasting love.


Historically, pink tourmalines have been renowned for their exotic beauty. Ancient civilizations considered pink tourmalines to have mystical qualities and associated it with the matters of heart and emotional well-being. Pink Tourmaline became popular in 18th century Europe as it adorned the jewels of princely and royal courts. Nowadays, pink tourmaline has become the gemstone of choice for those who want gemstones that will transcend the trends of today and stand as a symbol of love.

Quality and Durability

Pink tourmaline is determined by many factors including color, clarity and size. Highly prized pink tourmalines exhibit an intense, vivid pink color with minimal exceptions. Large stones are rare and therefore valuable. In terms of durability, pink tourmaline is a relatively hard mineral, with a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. This makes pink tourmaline a suitable choice for everyday wear in rings and other jewelry.


In summary, pink tourmaline stands as a gemstone of unparalleled beauty and sentimental importance. Its versatility as a gemstone allows for a wide range of uses from couples and wedding rings to couples and engagement rings, as well as favorite anniversary gifts and its rich history and enduring popularity prove its timeless appeal. With beautiful pink colors and admirable longevity, pink tourmaline is a gemstone that symbolizes love and romance in every aspect. Choosing pink tourmaline for the special occasion is an investment that is in everlasting love and affection, caught in a lifetime of beloved gems.